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269 Randolph Place, Windsor, ON, N9B 2T2

The Ambassador

Unit 4

The Ambassador

Next available date

1 January 2025

2 bedroom

Welcome to the Ambassador Suite. This suite is fully furnished and consists of a large living room, dining space, a full kitchen, 1 bathroom and 2 large bedrooms. The second bedroom has been tastefully transformed into a custom office space, complimenting the lifestyle of working professionals and corporate clients. The sitting area of this suite offers a birds eye view from the second highest floor of the building and boasts an original 1920’s built in custom gas fireplace. From the bedroom window, you can see the famous Ambassador Bridge connecting Canada to the United States in the distance. Designed for comfort and functionality, the Ambassador Suite is sure to please all who stay there.


Beautiful Building, Great people, we enjoyed our stay!
Jim McNair, General Manager, Home Depot